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How to get the My Open Source RSS feed

Stay informed. Get the latest Open Source direct to your desktop. Know what’s going on at My Open Source the easy way.

RSS Intro

Content on this website is also obtainable via an RSS feed. For those unfamiliar with feeds, RSS informs you of content published on websites without having to re-visit.


You will need an RSS reader (also known as an aggregator) to be installed on your PC. The reader can capture feeds from all of your other favourite websites too (providing that those websites offer feeds).

What news will I get from the RSS?

You will recieve short snippets of information on the latest OSS published on the My Open Source website. In fact you will have an entire listing of all the software found on this website. And your RSS reader can be set to check for updates periodically (every day, once a week, or once a month and so on). If you find a snippet you like, click on the link to download and/or read the software review.

I don’t have a News Feed Reader/Aggregator. Where can I get one?

Right here on this website! FeedReader is easy-to-use and best of all it’s Open Source.

I already have an RSS reader. So, where is the My Open Source RSS feed?

Right-click on this link to copy-and-paste into your RSS reader.