Mp3 Tag Tools

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  • ID3v1.1 & ID3v2.x support
  • Tag mp3s even while playing them
  • Mass ID3 tagging
  • Custom Filename Format specification like “(<Artist>) – <Album> – <Title> – <Ignore>” using shortcuts “(*1) – *2 – *3 – *0” or selecting checkboxes
  • Write ID3 tags from Filenames using Custom Filename Format
  • Rename Filenames From ID3 tags using Custom Filename or Directory Format
  • Remove All ID3v1.1 or ID3v2.x tags
  • Remove All Non-ID3 tags
  • Create ID3 tags using Directory Formats
  • Create Directories and organize mp3s from ID3 tag info
  • Selectively Copy or Synchronize ID3v1.1 & ID3v2.x tags
  • Sort and export tag data as Tab delimited text files for import to spreadsheet programs
  • Lyrics and Picture tagging
  • Cleaning Filenames of unwanted charachters such as %20 and underscores “_”, remove excess whitespace, Correcting their case to capitalize the first letter of each word or after symbols or prefix words
  • Accurately read all MPEG info and append bitrate and mode to filenames
  • Recursion – All these tag operations can be carried out  by individually selecting one or more files from a mp3 tag list, created by searching a specified directory with or without recursion.
  • Use MTT as a hard drive mp3 search tool and virtual playlist.




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